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Learn about our rottweilers,

pedigrees, exceptional quality, love and family!

Our pedigree/lines are descendants of Neubrand

Kennels from Germany.

In Germany they follow the A.D.R.K

showing/breeding protocol, which is the strictest

in the world!

These are extremely high quality rottweilers that

make awesome show, breeding, working or

excellent companions.

We have bred, shown and trained dogs in the

working group since 1970. We now wonder why

it took us so many years to discover this

amazing breed that we love so very much!

Our distinct passion for the breed is a wonderful

story in itself. 

We discovered our first Rottweiler, Sarah, in

1996. She was not a show quality dog but that

did not matter to us as she was one of the

greatest companion dogs that one could wish for.

Her amazing temperament and ability to love

everything in life such as all people, young and

old, and any creature large or small on earth,

endeared her to her human family and any

friend that she could discover.

When Sarah was seven years old, we decided to

look for another companion dog and discovered

another wonderful girl that again had a

magnificent temperament and all the attributes

that we look for in a Rottweiler. After doing

much research and speaking with knowledgeable

people in the breed, we decided to look for that

certain “special” girl out of a highly respected

kennel in Germany then along came Brillante

Vom Aztlan by way of California. We could not

be more pleased with our Orlando Vom Hause

Neubrand and Elfie Vom Oberpfalzerwald

Daughter!! Again we made the decision to look

for another outstanding girl with a similar

background and we were very fortunate to

become the proud and very happy owners of

Gretchen Vom Aztlan who is a Daughter of

Sidney Vom Hause Neubrand and Ives Vom

Hause Neubrand ll.

We are looking forward to bright futures with

these two exceptional quality females as we

breed them responsibly, always placing

outstanding temperament, excellent

conformation, health and the ability to work as

top priorities. 

We very selectively breed a litter to improve our

own foundation lines, always remaining loyal to

betterment of breed practices, but only after the

health testing of heart, hips, elbows and eyes are

done on our females. Always breeding to health

tested, studs of merit.  

Our puppies are not sold to just any home, but

we strive to find the very best forever homes

with people that will enjoy, love and take care of

them as we do.

We believe integrity and exceptional quality is

more important than quantity! We do not

always have puppies available and suggest

reserving your special little one today!

We provide lifetime follow-up with any

assistance that we are able to offer to make sure

that our clients are as happy with their

Rottweiler as our much loved puppy will be in

their home.

Transforming 1 family at a time by adding a


Being reputable breeders, we are truly dedicated

to our dogs and puppies(no matter if they are

beloved pets, show/breeding, titled or not), and

therefore offer a no questions asked return

policy. We never want to have our dogs or

puppies in rescue or unhealthy situations.

Our rottweilers all live spoiled and very loved, in

our home for their entire life. We help, train

and live daily with our precious pets. Your new

puppy will have the real life experience of home

and family. We do not leave our dogs to

live outside. We spare no expense when it comes

to our babies. Our greatest rewards are the

ability to continue to watch as our babies go to

new homes who also take great care and concern

over their newest members!

The Rottweilers we have purchased for our

foundation lines, as well as stud services are

from the United States or Germany. They are

what in our opinion are the best available proven

pedigree lines by kennels who have been doing

this for generations.

We prefer and love to have them close in our

area of Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

Thank you for your interest in this magnificent


Pat & Keith Hamilton

Regenesis Rottweilers Registered


[email protected]